I live among Christians , though I am a Hindu and somewhat proud of being so.

Along with my Christian friends , I regularly attend the Sunday mass. My girl friend Celeste make it a point to sit by my side. After the proceedings are over, the Father would ask:”When are you joining our religion?”

“I am already a true Christian. Jesus was anti-capitalist , but your Pope is a very rich person”

He smiled: “No one can defeat you in a debate.”

“He was top in the college,” Celeste added.

On the way back, she asked:”When can we marry?”

“Without a job , how can we live?” “I will speak to my father; will you do any job?” “Of course , I am in need of some engagement.”

One day she came in her scooter and took me to her father. He seemed to be really glad:”I like to see you two married; what is the dely?” Cele replied:”He wants a job first.”

“That is true ; why don’t you join our business?”

“I will think over.”

Cele took me to my home . It was her first visit . She was surprised to see the photos of Guruvayoorappan and Jesus , side by side on the wall. I said:”This is symbolic. We are together”.

For the first time , she kissed me , hot and sweet! It was with difficulty that I disengaged. We sat embracing , in a sofa and disussed her father’s proposal:” I am afraid that joining his business empire, will compromise my principles . Many transactions may be illegal, I am afraid.”

“You can quit when you feel” So we went back and told him I am willing to join. We went to the town and enjoyed seeing a movie.

Soon I went to Kanhirapilly and reported for duty. I was accountant and found the work easy enough. Celeste’s letters came regularly , pleading for early marriage ; after six months she came with her father.

I was in a dilemma ; I don’t want to convert to Christianity, but marriage is inevitable. “Sir, will you agree for register marriage?” Cele supported me . Being the only child , they wanted a pompous marriage .I said:”The registration can be confidential; a reception can be arranged in the Church at home” . So it was agreed .

In the Registrar’s Office, she appeared in bridal costume . I could hardly believe my eyes! She looked like a real angel, with her long , azure eyes and a smile which remained etched in my memory forever.

Her father commented :”You are looking at my daughter , as if for the first time. Are you sure she is the girl whom you love?”

We all laughed . The registration over , we all returned . That night we stayed awake for a long time , her body entwining mine, naked as I wished. “Celi, how happy I am! For getting you , It is a small sacrifice that I became a Christian. You know , a Crown Prince of Britain loved a commoner. As the Palace refused their marriage, he relinquished Office ; they went and settled in America.”

“Thank you , dear!”


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