She gives birth to us . Hence she is supreme. Vande matharam! (Salute the mother) She is the dominant force ; but in  both Hindu and Christian legends, it is man that occupy the prime position. Birth of Jesus made Mary a symbol of love and kindness. In India, Devi cult is there , throughout the ages. Ma is equivalent to Goddess.
At home , we are helpless if the wife is absent even for a day. The kitchen will become a battle field, with things lying scattered all over the place. Some dish will have no salt. (mother used to smell the ladle used for stirring and know whether the dish needs more salt!) Once I made tea with curd (it had not become solid) and found out the truth after wards!
When we fall ill , the very presence of the nurse in white uniform  instills confidence and implicit trust in her. Florence Nightingale was the first , to care for those wounded in war. No man thought of it. She was the incarnation of Mary.
There is no man who can stand against a woman and dominate her. The Sage Viswamythr lost his tapasya n the presence of Menaka and had to start from the beginning, all over again.
In Mahabharath, Parashar Maharshi raped the tribal woman who was rowing the canoe in the river and the great Ved Vyas was born. In this story itself, a Yuvaraja who went in the night with his wife Madri, lost control and had sex with her. He died instantly because of a curse he had incurred and was aware of it!
To sum up: all men are slaves of women; like slaves , we resent our masters (mistresses ). We hate them and love the female in her.


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