I am very particular about the morning cup of tea

After tea, I go through the newspapers. First, ‘Mathrubhoomi’ (Malayalam), then the Indian Express. I like to read magazines too; nowadays, I merely go through the Head Lines. I cannot even know whether it is today’s paper or yesterday’s ; often the same news is repeated.

It was in Bombay that I began to buy the ‘Times of India’ . R.K.Laxman’s cartoons are unforgettable . Another item , dear to me is “Times of India hundred years ago! Many anecdotes I still remember. One is that of a chess player, who was an Englishman’s cook, totally illiterate. The Saheb was so impressed that he took him to London, to participate in the International tournament. The rule is that the player must note his move in a note book and then move his piece. As the cook cannot write, he was allowed to move first and then it was noted by a referee . The cook became the champion!


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