It is always seen in a cluster. We do not cultivate it ; it grows in isolated spots . How does nature propagate it? It is said that every  twelve years the tree bosoms and the seeds are scattered by wind . That is why we see bamboo clusters here and there. It belongs to the grass family , Pull the grass out and you will see mud sticking to the roots . In the same way, the roots of bamboo are bound strongly in a tuft ; it is not easily broken.
The main trunk is smooth ; but small branches, full of thorns, grow all over the trunk. It is with these branches that we used to make fences. The skilled man(a tribal) climbs up the tree and goes on cutting off the branches  which are collected by his wife. It is she that makes the fence of thorny bamboo shoots into a web. It is also a skilled job. Now bamboos are not available . We have barbed wire fence or walls of laterite or concrete. Near the sea , bamboo is not available. Fences are made of coconut tree leaves woven into a mat.
Scientists have developed a variety , without branches ; the trunk is coloured . This ‘sundary ‘ bamboo is grown in the gardens .
The forests are full of bamboo , a thin variety eaten by elephants. Those in the plains are big ad hollow . They are costly,  used in making platforms and pandals.(tents)
Dead bodies are carried to the cremation ground on bamboo frame


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