When Pakistan was formed in 1947, it had two parts: West Pakistan and East Pakistan. The people of the eastern wing were ruled by Urdu speaking Governor, who was disliked them . Because of persecution and Hindu Muslim clashes , Hindus en mass migrated to India. We had to feed and shelter more than one crore men ,women and children. A special stamp was issued and had to be pasted on envelops . Our ruler Indira Gandhi toured the world, meeting other rulers , requesting financial help. She came back and met the army chief Manekshaw. A secret army (Indian soldiers)‘Mukthivahini’was sent to Dhaka and captured it . The Pak army , including the Governor, surrendered. Mujeebu Rehaman was installed as Prime Minister of the new country renamed as Bangladesh. The people here respected Hindus and our culture . For marriage , they wore Benares silk saris. They have high regard for Rabindranath Tagore! Unfortunately Rehaman was killed by fanatics opposed to India.


Bangladesh is the delta of Ganga ,Brahmaputhra , Padma and Meghna, crisscrossed by a network of rivers . All traffic is by ships and boats. Dhaka Express is a ship . People buy tickets and wait at stations! It would be a wonderful experience!

There s a vast area of mangrove forest , perhaps the biggest in the world , called the Sunder vans , between Bangladesh and Burma , which is the natural habitat of Bengal tiger.

Now our PM Mod has visited and concluded an agreement conceding some land and easing the movement of people and merchandise between our two countries.


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