Before the coming of East India Company, the whole of India was marked by impregnable forts. Each fort has a high wall , surrounded by a moat , deep enough to prevent horses from crossing it. The entrance to the for is restricted by a draw bridge, which can be pulled up when considered necessary, as when the enemy attacks. The King’s court , secretariat , horses and men, arms and ammunition etc, food etc. are all stocked well , for facing a siege by the enemy.

History could not be anticipated. The very fort could easily be demolished bb cannons , shot from a distance , as the British destroyed the Red Fort in Delhi.

Each fort has an underground tunnel , leading to a point away from the fort , for the escape of the defeated king and his entourage. Now all these forts are a tourist attraction.

The Chithor court , which the Moghals surrounded , is situated on a long high mountain. Here a moat was not necessary , because the hores cannot climb it . Of course, there I a strong wall , which is still intact. There are several blood curdling stories, about the valour of the Rajput kings . After the war , when the enemy entered the fort, they could see only a funeral pyre ; all men jumped into it , followed by the brave women! The theme is good for a film , like the ‘War and Peace’, but till now , none has tried it.

When the fort was occupied by the Moghals , Rana Prathap Singh escaped to the forest and vowed to live on grass roti, till he recaptured it . He appeared in Haldighat , a nearby valley and challenged the enemy. In the bloody battle that ensued , Rana was injured and became unconscious. His horse carried him to safety. The Moghal army was defeated in the battle. But they retained the fort.


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