Family: Poaceae
Genus: Cynodon
Botanical name: Cynodon dactylon (Linn.) Pers.
Sanskrit: Neeladurva, Durva.
English: Dhub grass, Bhama grass
Hindi: Dub, Durba
Malayalam: Karukapullu
Dhub grass blades are a grey-green colour and are short, usually 2–15 cm (0.79–5.9 in) long with rough edges. The erect stems can grow 1–30 cm (0.39–12 in) tall. The stems are slightly flattened, often tinged purple in colour. The seed heads are produced in a cluster of two to six spikes together at the top of the stem, each spike 2–5 cm (0.79–2.0 in) long. It has a deep root system; in drought situations with penetrable soil, the root system can grow to over 2 m deep, though most of the root mass is less than 60 cm under the surface.
The whole plant of Karukapullu is used to kapha, haematuria, wounds, headache, stomach problems and skin diseases


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