I never go out , without covering my mouth with a large kerchief. The idea is to protect my lips , which are moist , from invisible, and ,sometimes cloudy dusts. Each particle carries bacteria , which go inside , when we take tea or cool drinks.

One friend opened his mouth to spit out ; exactly at that point , the bus splashed dirty water , which got inside the mouth. He was infected by jaundice and had t take leave for a month.

On another occasion , I was sitting I the middle of the seat in the bus. Te fellow sitting in our front , spat dirty liquid from the mouth , which fell on te face of the passenger sitting by my side. Had he covered his mouth , like me , he could have escaped ; only the kerchief has to be washed.

But people do not like my way. A fellow walking by my side commented:”It is not so dusty here.”

On another occasion , I was standing on the foot board of the bus , ready to jump out, as the bus stops only for a few seconds

“Do not hurry , you may fall.” Another man:”Even if he falls , his teeth will be collected by the kerchief “


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