A foreigner who studies our history, will be surprised to observe that this country never tried to defend itself.

The Himalayas guard our northern border like a formidable fort; the seas protect the peninsular half . If it was England , we would never have been enslaved. Our failure is that we never felt we are one.

There were a number of small kingdoms , always at war with the neighbours.

When the French attacked Pondicherrry , others did not come to the help. Were they happy that it served them well?

Baber was approached by disgruntled Rajputs , to invade India. He was reluctant but was persuaded to come to India. The fact is that it was the British East India Company that united various Principalities into a single Nation. In this sense , they are the father of the nation, not Mahatma Gandhi! When they departed from the scene , India was again divided into three different entities. Now we are busy fighting against Pakistan. Is it a curse?

The real enemy is Nepal. The boundary between the two nations is a vast , thick forest , with hills and valleys which can never be guarded. It is a paradise for smugglers , Maoists and carriers of narcotics. The Central Government knows this but is helpless. Like the invasion of Sikim by Morarji Desai, can Narendra Modi cobble Nepal? The people will be happy . Even for salt , they look to India. Even as I write this , dozens of Nepalis have died there , demonstrating against their government.

Before the revolution , the Kings of Nepal used to be blood relations of Indian Kings and ironically , it is the only Hindu Kingdom in the world. So the closeness is as near as that of Kashmir. More over , there are no Muslims here.

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  1. A really nice article stating the status of India and demolishing gandhi as the father of the nation. And you are true to say that Babur was really not interested in India first.

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