SNAPS FROM MY 1IFE-friendship

SNAPS FROM MY 1IFE-friendship
I met an interesting personality. Let us call her D
She was talking fluently in English in her mobile and I sat beside her on the Railway platform bench, sure that she will buy my English Autobiography.
D:”We both were studying in the Law College. He was much senior and we loved each other. He used to come on a scooter, I clearly remember. Somehow my parents who were not aware of it, decided my marriage to a business man “
“Was he knowing your affair?”
“Yes . I told him and he just laughed , saying all teenagers have love mania. My dilemma is that we all have been invited to attend the same marriage here.”
“Why? It means you still retain your love?
“No. I know that the past is past. Still I shall be happy if I am not going there.”
My patience was running out. “I said: excuse me , I have a book here . See if you like to buy it.”
She turned to me and grabbed the book. She told her friend:” I shall call in a few minutes”
She was very pleased to get the book. Then we talked about each other. She is living in Singapore . She wanted to keep up our ‘friendship’ and promised to contact me soon.


2 Responses

  1. Hi…..I got a shock reading this……anyway nice meeting you that day… email id is
    Hope you remember me……

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