THE MIDDLE CLASS <script type='text/javascript' src

All intellectuals, who influence the course of history, come from the middle class.
There are several layers in this category. The lowest layer is extremely eager to hide their poverty.
Alas! Today, they are crushed under the weight of spiraling prices. I belonged to this class, until I was promoted. We got salary on the first of each month. So the first week passed off comfortably. The last week, I borrowed money from my colleagues.
I used to take advance from salary, normally given for Festivals. Occasionally, money was taken out of Provident Fund, on false pretexts. Afterwards, I count the months to see when I would be free from salary cuts!
In fact, the thrill of bringing money in cash, on salary day, is now gone, with pension being credited in the bank and needs few, to buy things.
Sometimes I feel that good salary is required, when we are young, gradually decreasing in old age!


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